Transforming How Businesses serve people

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Purpose-built solutions deployed to meet
the most critical government & business needs

Track record of conceptualising and delivering commercially successful and pioneering consumer and enterprise products and services.

Our team pioneered the delivery of scalable, secure and seamless eCommerce, Payments and lending solutions for African businesses.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with offices in London, UK, NQLB serves Commercial and Government Institutions by delivering high-impact intuitive and frictionless solutions across physical and digital channels.

Innovative Payment Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

We enable organisations to make or receive payments however and whenever they want to.

Changing how Institutions Interact with People

We build products that make organisations and their employees better at their most critical functions.
Intuitive and Robust user interfaces that enable people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions.

Revolutionising the Educational Sector

Democratising access to learning through the product design and development of socially embedded virtual learning environment and devices.


Loan Management System

Radius is a core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables Financial and Non-Financial Institutions design, launch and manage any loan portfolio faster and cheaper than in-house or off-the-shelf core banking solutions.


Simple, & Secure Payments

Our robust payment service allows businesses make payments to the over 96 million deposit commercial & micro-finance bank accounts in Nigeria. Build applications that facilitate bank transfers, manage customers, and instantly verify bank accounts with Paper.

layered interface

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